Peyronies Disease How to treat it


You don’t have to be over 50 to suffer from  peyronies disease,  you are just as likely to be effected by penile curvatures at 18 than you are at 50. Penile curvatures can be a result of an accidental injury to your penis that you have failed to treat. There is also a chance that you have been born with a curved penis or it started to curve during puberty.

The degree of curvature in a penis can range anywhere from 10deg to 45deg. The  main cause for the penis to bend is the presence of fibrous plaques or scars along the shaft of the penis. Some men suffer so badly that their penis is described as a J.

How to deal with a peyronies disease is a difficult choice to make, you don’t want to leave it but on the other hand you don’t want to risk surgery as the curve may well be the result of a scar and surgery could just add another scar making the curve even worse.

The safest option to straightening your penis is by using a penis extender such as the SizeGenetics Male Traction Device, this particular device has been developed over the last decade and can credibly treat peyronies and reduce the appearance of any curves in the penis.

It is a point of fact that penis extender where originally developed as a means of treating peyronies. It was only in trials that it was discovered the added bonus that men that used it gained inches to the length of their penis.

Various studies have provided proof that extenders do work  one such research paper ‘Treatment of Penile Retraction in Evolutive Peyronie’s Disease with External Penis-Stretching’ by Wendy Hurn who is a Urology Specialist Practitioner at the Bristol Royal Infirmary.

Her study was based on a group of 22 men ranging in age from 18 to 78 who where all suffering from peyronies disease , she divided the group into two, the first group with a stretched penis length  of less than 12.5cm and the second group with a stretched penis length that is greater than 12.5cm.

Both groups where instructed to wear the SizeGenetics device for an average of 5 hours every day over a three month period. At the end of the term Hurn recorded that there was an average penis increase of 0.8 to 2.3cm as well as an average 20% reduction in penile curvature.

In her opinion: ‘Our data shows that penis-stretching is effective in Peyronie’s disease treatment, especially at the stage of severe penile retraction.’

And she is not alone in her view…

In another study that was published by the  International Journal of Impotence Research which was titled ‘Can An External Penis Stretcher Reduce Peyronie’s Penile Curvature’. It was found that out of eight men in their fifties that were instructed to wear a penis extender, for a minimum of four hours for a period of 3- 6 months, all showed a decrease of between 20 to 34 degrees in penile curvature without experiencing any discomfort at all.

Similarly the study by Paolo Gontero entitled ‘Use of Penile Extender Device in the Treatment of Penile Curvature as a Result of Peyronie’s Disease’ revealed that the participants of the study showed reductions in penile curvatures of 27deg to 31deg over the six months of the study.  These reductions were still evident when the participants of the study were re examined 12 months later.

So how does a penis extender work? Penis extenders like the one from Sizegenetics  incorporate a technique that is similar to the one used in orthopaedic surgery. Traction is applied to the copora cavernosa in your penis causing the cells to break away and multiply, as the cells multiply they cause an increases in the length of your penis.

The SizeGenetics device also comes with their 16 way comfort system making it possible to wear the device without any discomfort all day long.

Numerous studies have shown that penis devices can correct penile curvature. It is however important that you purchase a quality penis extender, one that is backed up by clinical trials and recommendations from surgeons worldwide.

There are many penis extenders to choose from on the market today to help treat peyronies disease, make sure you buy a device that you feel comfortable wearing, remember the way to see optimum results over a six month period is to wear the device as much as possible.

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